An integral part of our philosophy is that Identity House exists for promoting the learning and  growing experience of its members as well as its clients.  Ideally, the work that we do for the community we also do with, and for, each other.

As a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, we have depended on the community for more than 35 years to keep us running. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for you to consider.

Our current structure provides for three different kinds of volunteer participation:

Peer Counselors

Peer counseling is both a method and a philosophy. The basic premise behind it is that most people are capable of solving their own problems if given a chance. The role of the counselor in peer counseling is to use active listening skills to help the client clarify his/her thoughts and feelings and to explore various options or solutions. Some typical options include referrals to an I House therapist, Short-term counseling and/or participation in Identity House groups.

Peer Counselors are scheduled to staff the I House Walk-In Center on a regular basis. It is usually recommended that you work the WIC at least once a month.  Peer Counselors are also eligible to work as a Co-Facilitators in I House Groups.  As a new Peer Counselor, you are always paired up with an experienced Peer Counselor when seeing clients at the WIC or when doing Group work.


Therapists volunteer at Identity House by offering 12-week supervision groups for I House members doing any kind of clinical work. Therapists can also volunteer by offering workshops and trainings for both I-House members and the public, as well as orientations and screenings for new members.

All Identity House therapy referrals from the Walk-In Center are made only to Identity House member therapists.


There is a lot of work that needs to be done at I-House besides clinical work. Those who are interested in joining I-House but can't make the time commitment that doing clinical work requires, or don't feel an affinity for clinical work, can join as an Administrative Member. Typical administrative functions include development work, grant writing, creating brochures and assisting on projects such as conferences, fund raising and workshops.


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