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If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community and meet others who enjoy helping people as much as you, becoming an Identity House member is a great way to do just that. Through supervision groups and co-counseling, you’ll engage in thoughtful discussion about the struggles we face in common, and you’ll probably make a few friends along the way.

Members make all we do possible.

Our Peer Counselor members form the backbone of Identity House. A Peer Counselor is someone who identifies as LGBTQ+ and uses their lived experience to relate to the struggles of clients they see. They use active listening skills to help the client clarify their thoughts and feelings, and work with the client to explore various options or solutions.

To work as a Peer Counselor, members must join a weekly supervision group led by one of our Therapist Members. Each supervision group lasts approximately 12 weeks and occurs seasonally, except during summer. As Peer Counselors become more experienced and participate in trainings, they may undergo a consensus-based approval process to lead support groups and become short-term counselors.

Those who are interested in joining as peers but can’t make the time commitment that clinical work requires, or don’t feel an affinity for clinical work, may help with administrative work and join our monthly Strategy and Planning meetings. Often our members alternate between administrative or clinical work depending on the level of commitment they’re able to make.

All members must participate in a screening and orientation process before joining.

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