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Peer Membership

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    Peer Membership FAQs

    • What qualities are you looking for in a Peer Counselor?

      Peer Counselors should be dedicated, empathetic and committed to helping others clarify their thoughts and feelings and to explore various options or solutions such as therapist referrals, short-term counseling, and groups.

    • What are the benefits of being a Peer Counselor?

      Peer Counselors gain active listening and problem solving skills that can be applied to many life situations. They also gain satisfaction from helping others, and form bonds by working closely with other counselors. Volunteering can also be used as a reference for employers and graduate schools.

    • What are the requirements and expectations to be a Peer Counselor?

      Upon signing up to volunteer, there is an application and interviewing process. As an active peer counselor it is expected that you will volunteer for at least one two hour Walk in Center shift per month. Please note you will be assigned a trained peer to work with you. In addition, all active peer counselors are required to participate in a 12 supervision group round with other peers facilitated by an Identity House therapist.

      There is an annual membership fee of $100, which may be reduced for those who have difficulty paying. This membership fee goes directly to support the operations of the organization, including meeting space rentals and trainings.

    • How long am I expected to volunteer?

      While there is no limit, it is expected that newly accepted applicants volunteer for two terms before leaving. This way you are able to gain valuable experience that can benefit both clients and other peer counselors who may look to you for guidance.