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Therapist Membership

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    Therapist Membership FAQ

    • What qualities do I need to be an Identity House therapist?

      A prospective therapist looking to volunteer with Identity House affirms and provides a safe environment for all LGBTQ+ clients as well is prepared to address the complexities facing the community. In addition a prospective therapist is open to providing our peer counselors an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

      All Identity House therapists are licensed by the State of New York to practice psychotherapy, and are in private practice.

    • What are the benefits of being a Therapist Member?

      Identity House peers only refer their clients to therapists in our network, so volunteering is a good opportunity for those starting a practice who are looking for a base of clients. Additionally, members will have the opportunity to promote their practice by contributing to our blog. Our website is the main way clients come to our walk-in center and groups, and we utilize Google ad grants to ensure it receives a high level of traffic.

    • What are the requirements and expectations of being a Therapist Member?

      Once approved, therapists who volunteer with us are required to offer 12-week supervision groups for our peer counselors and other members doing clinical work, at least once per year. Therapists can also volunteer by offering workshops and trainings for both Identity House members and the public, as well as orientations and screenings for new members.

      Therapists are also required to pay yearly membership fees. This membership fee goes directly to support the operation of the organization, including meeting space rental and trainings.

    • How long am I expected to volunteer?

      While there is no limit, it is expected that newly accepted applicants volunteer for two terms before leaving. This way you are able to gain valuable experience that can benefit both clients, peer counselors, and other therapists who may look to you for guidance.