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Mental Health Resources & Referrals

We’ll get you the support you need

At the Identity House Walk-In Center we make referrals when appropriate. Sometimes people just come in to talk, and that’s all they need. But if you need more, we work best to provide the resources you need.

Resources & Referrals FAQ →

Resources & Referrals FAQ

  • How do I get a therapy referral?

    Identity House referrals are only provided by peer counselors at our Walk-in Center, or occasionally our Support Groups. Our peer counselors start with a conversation about your needs to determine the best fit. Do you need to use your insurance, or could you see someone independently? How far can you travel for service? Are there specialties such as couples counseling, sex therapy, or gender that are a fit? Our peer counselors usually provide up to three referrals.

  • Who are the therapists in your network? What are their qualifications?

    The therapists in our network are LGBTQ+ affirming mental health providers. They are carefully selected on an individual basis, with the aim of giving our clients access to the best care out there. All Identity House therapists are licensed by the State of New York to practice psychotherapy, and are in private practice.

  • How much will therapy cost?

    The cost of the therapy is determined by the provider.

  • Will your therapists accept my insurance?

    We offer a range of options when it comes to insurance. Some therapists will accept some insurances, other offer out-of-network options, and others only accept private pay. Every psychotherapy practice is different, and some therapists are on insurance panels, while others choose not to be. Some of our providers also have a “sliding scale” option based on income. In choosing a therapist for referral, we will do everything possible to make sure their fee schedule is appropriate to your situation.

  • I am a therapist. How do I get listed in your network?

    Therapists are initially screened by the clinical director and other members of Identity House. Once approved, therapists who volunteer with us are required to offer 12-week supervision groups for our peer counselors and other members doing clinical work, at least once per year. Therapists can also volunteer by offering workshops and trainings for both Identity House members and the public, as well as orientations and screenings for new members. Like all Identity House members, therapists are also required to pay yearly membership fees. Please note that all therapy referrals from the Walk-In Center are made only to Identity House member therapists.

  • How do I pick a therapist?

    It is best to start with what your needs are. Do you need to use your insurance, or could you see someone paying out of pocket? How far can you travel for service? Is there a specialty area that fits for you (couples counseling, sex therapy, trans specific issues, poly/kink, etc)? After your receive referrals, give each of the therapists a call for a phone introduction. Tell them a little about what brings you to counseling and ask any questions you may have. Let them tell you about themselves and their practice. Listen to see if what they offer is right for your needs, and listen to your gut about if it feels like a good fit. If all seems right, schedule a first appointment.